Selected talks

Höhne, J.K., Rettig, T., & Revilla, M. (2023). Attention please! Comparing different ways of presenting an instruction manipulation check in a probability-based online panel. GOR Conference 2023, Kassel (Germany).

Lenzner, T., Höhne, J.K., & Gavras, K. (2023). Innovating web probing: comparing text and voice answers to open probing questions in a smartphone survey. MASS Workshop 2023, Manchester (UK).

Höhne, J.K., & Conrad, F.G. (2023). Human-like communication forms in web surveys. ESRA 2023 (conference session), Milan (Italy).

Goerres, A., & Höhne, J.K. (2022). Optimising standardised survey questions for measuring political solidarities and related concepts in online surveys. GOR 2022, Berlin (Germany).

Höhne, J.K., Goerres, A., & Kemper, J. (2022). Novaland: Investigating political solidarities in an artificial online state. ERC-funded POLITSOLID Workshop 2022 (invited talk), Duisburg (Germany).

Höhne, J.K., & Krebs, D. (2021). Investigating direction effects across rating scales with five and seven points in a probability-based online panel. GOR 2021, virtual conference.

Höhne, J.K., Gavras, K., & Revilla, M. (2021).  New communication channels in web-based surveys (Panel). ESRA 2021, virtual conference.

Höhne, J.K. (2020). Switching away: what can we learn from JavaScript OnBlur functions about response behavior in web surveys? Research Methodology Workshop (invited virtual talk), Antwerp (Belgium).

Höhne, J.K., Blom, A., Gavras, K., Revilla, M., & Rettig, L. (2020). Open question formats: Comparing the suitability of requests for text and voice answers in smartphone surveys. BigSurv20 2020, virtual conference.

Höhne, J.K., Krebs, D., & Kühnel, S.M. (2020). Measuring income (in)equality: Comparing survey questions with unipolar and bipolar scales in a probability-based online panel. GOR 2020, virtual conference.

Höhne, J.K., & Yan, T. (2019). Investigating the impact of violations of the “left and top means first” heuristic on response behavior and data quality. MAPOR 2019, Chicago, IL (USA).

Höhne, J.K. (2019). Switching away from web surveys: what can we learn from JavaScript OnBlur functions about response behavior? MPSM Seminar Series (invited talk), Ann Arbor, MI (USA).

Höhne, J.K., Schlosser, S., Couper, M.P., & Blom, A. (2019). On-device and off-device multitasking in web surveys. AAPOR 2019, Toronto (Canada).

Höhne, J.K., Cornesse, C., Schlosser, S., Couper, M.P., & Blom, A. (2019). Looking up the right answer: Errors of optimization when answering political knowledge questions in web surveys. GOR 2019, Cologne (Germany).

Höhne, J.K., Revilla, M., Schlosser, S. (2018). The impact of motion instructions on smartphone acceleration, completion times, and response quality in a mobile web survey. BigSurv18 2018, Barcelona (Spain).

Höhne, J.K., Lenzner, T., Neuert, C.E., & Yan, T. (2018). Re-examining the middle means typical heuristic using eye-tracking methodology. AAPOR 2018, Denver, CO (USA).

Höhne, J.K., & Schlosser, S. (2018). SurveyMotion: What can we learn from sensor data about respondents’ actions in mobile web surveys? RECSM-Universitat Pompeu Fabra (invited talk), Barcelona (Spain).

Höhne, J.K., & Krebs, D. (2017). Investigating scale direction effects in agree/disagree and item-specific questions: A comparison of question formats. ESRA 2017, Lisbon (Portugal).

Höhne, J.K., Revilla, M., & Lenzner, T. (2017). Comparing the performance of agree/disagree and item-specific questions across PCs and smartphones. AAPOR 2017, New Orleans, LA (USA).